"Crushing breakdowns, brutal vocals, and sinister riffs are the name of the game." - DeadRhetoric.com


        Since 2011, Upstate New York's own Assault on the Living has been spreading their sickness in an attempt to infect the masses with their unique strain of metal. Utilizing a style that incorporates virtually all subgenres of metal, Assault on the Living has ensured that no one is truly safe from their sonic pathogen. Consisting of veteran members of the Upstate New York underground metal scene, these contaminated souls have shared the stage with metal heavy hitters such as Nile, Whitechapel, The Acacia Strain, Misery Index and More. In 2012, the band self-produced a 7-song album and unleashed it upon the unsuspecting masses - handing it out free of charge at their shows as well as making it available for consumption online.  Now in 2015, Assault on the Living has compiled 8 of their most aggressive and ruthless songs for their latest entry titled "The Global Purge." Be it floods or famine, disease or fire - humanity's reign over this world will soon expire and Assault on the Living intends to provide the soundtrack.

Now with the addition of John Nickarz in 2017, replacing Dan Young as second vocalist, the future can only be darker and heavier for AOTL.


Dustin Rose - Vocals

John Nickarz- Vocals

Jamie Juron - Guitar

Jared Weed - Guitar

Dustin Clapham - Drums

Andrew Hennessy - Bass