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Review of The Global Purge

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Sifting Through Bandcamp – June 2015

Friday, 26th June 2015 by Kyle McGinn

Upstate NY’s Assault on the Living bring a decidedly heavy approach to death metal with The Global Purge. Comprised mostly of members of the also killer Traumaside (RIP), this should come as no surprise in terms of the heaviness factor. Crushing breakdowns, brutal vocals, and sinister riffs are the name of the game. Expect no deviations into over-the-top technicality, as this is the type of material that would rather go for your throat and never let go. Check out the devastating riffs of “Predator,” “Cold Dead Hands,” and “Empty Vessels of Hope” for yourself and you’ll see that this is one of the most brutal releases in this column so far this year.


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