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Awesome review of "The Global Purge" album by Blackened Horde Zine!!

Very few times in your life will you put on an album and feel as if your whole world is about to fucking implode right in front of you. Assault on the Living is a band that comes from Troy, New York featuring ex-members from Trauma side with intimidating reinforcement.

Their latest release, “The Global Purge” goes by way too quickly and leaves you infected with this feeling that, you actually might not even mind too much if the world actually implodes right before your very eyes.

“The Global Purge” is the first song off this colossal album. Filled with heavy growls and sweet headbanging riffs, this track is sure to give you the feeling that you need to brace yourself for the wickedness that is about to be laid before you. This song will make you want to get up and thrash everything in sight as the world burns to ember around you.

A favorite off the album is “Predator”, featuring fantastic rhythmic patterns that smash; Drummer Dustin Clapham gives you his all while showing no signs of defeat. Vocals from Dan Young give us that reminiscent feel of Randy Blythe but with way more savagery and power, almost seeming to rarely come up for air, capturing the true essence of this purge. This is death-core at its finest. “Predator” grabs you by the balls and will not let go until you call… more than once, for help.

“System of Deception” features a different side to AOTL by introducing us to some great breakdowns that will keep your head bobbing to the beat. Guitars and bass keep our attention throughout on this track and really capture the true essence of terror that we have been warned about from the get go.

There’s no surprises in this album in terms of progressive effects or crazy time signatures, but the production value is ace and these guys play mad tight. Assault on the Living certainly gives us a no holds barred experience on this ride. Featuring a lot of different sides of metal while never skipping a beat. Definitely worth a listen or two… hundred.

Rating: 8 out of 10 ~LL

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